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Customer Service

Preferred Global Logistics follows a simple yet demanding set of core principles that enable us to go beyond the acceptable to the exceptional.
  •  Dig deeper, know more and understand needs better
We see beyond the individual transaction specs, for the solution with the right mix of reliability, and cost that allows our clients to not have to worry about whether their business is being properly executed.
  •  Build partnerships through results
PGL’s unique way of thinking about customer needs drives better results.  We build lasting partnerships with clients by looking at more than the needs of the moment.  We identify the transportation and service solution needed for continuity and longevity in the management of the clients supply chain.
  •  Have a passion for results
Every member of the PGL team has thorough knowledge of key suppliers and top performers in each transportation mode.  And each of us also shares something more: A commitment to success that drives each team member to go beyond the acceptable, to the exceptional result.